Home Care Agencies – Benefits of Caregivers and More

written by: Alexisnunez

homecareagencyHome care agencies become more and more important as we age, because many people prefer to be at a home and not in a long-term care facility. These agencies are the right option if you have a strong network of family members and require only minor care. It is possible to keep one`s independence while living in the comfort of one`s home.

Agencies Vs. Independent Providers

You need to start your research with registries, independent providers and agencies.
– Home care agencies. One of the advantages of hiring home care agencies is that they prescreen their caregivers, although they might cost you more. They handle the billing and the taxes. These agencies will provide you another caregiver if you need to replace the current one. You will enjoy peace of mind because these agencies will take care of everything.
– Independent providers and registries. The drawback of using registries and independent providers is that you will have to perform a lot of the legwork. You will have to be aware of Social Security and tax requirements as well. You will also need to check the background of the independent contractor and provide backup coverage in case of sudden termination or illness. The advantage of using this service is that it is cost effective

Tips to Hire the Right Homecare Agency

1. State licensing. You need to make sure that the home care agency you plan to hire has state licensing. It is also important to check their background at the BBB.org to read any complains they might have.
2. Medicare. A home care agency must be a registered provider with Medicare. You need to call Medicare to make sure they are registered with them. This way, you will have peace of mind because you are assured that they meet all the federal requirements for health and safety.
3. Screening of staff. It is useful to ask these firms how they screen their workers, and find references for the caregiver that will take care of your loved one.
4. Quality of the service. You need to ask them about the process involved to assign a caregiver to a client, the type of training they use, and whether they provide compensation insurance for their caregivers.
5. Interview several agencies. You need to know each person these agencies plan to send to your home.
6. Ask questions. You have to know what exactly the caregiver will do at home, and assess his or her competence and experience.

Talking To The Aged

1. Overcome resistance. Your loved one might be frightened that she or he cannot do certain tasks. It is important to find the reasons for his or her resistance against getting help.
2. Do not accuse. You have to stop accusing your loved one of not being able to take care of him/her. Instead you need to tell him/her that you are worried about his/her health.
3. Respect autonomy. The aged have the final decision about whether he/she needs a caregiver or not.
4. Enlist other people. If the aged knows someone with experience dealing with homecare agencies, you need to meet that person to involve him/her in this matter. If your loved one hears advice from a third party, he or she might change his/her mind.

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